Training & Support

Andrew_51x51When you open a Medi-Weightloss® franchise, you gain a network of Corporate professionals and fellow Franchisees to help guide and support you. Through our highly qualified Corporate Team, you and your staff will receive comprehensive, hands-on training on all aspects of your business, including business development, marketing, financial planning, sales, operations, office management, and more. Medi-Weightloss® is truly a turn-key opportunity.



    Andrew Cox
  • - Experienced Corporate Team, including Certified Franchise Executives, MBAs, MDs and PhDs in their respective fields

  • - Franchise Development Team guides you to a successful opening

  • - Franchise Performance Consultants analyze Key Performance Indicators and assist in   the development of action plans to promote compliance, profitability, and patient retention

  • - Comprehensive System Standards training at the Corporate Headquarters in Tampa, FL, USA

  • - Continuing education programs, on-site training, and eLearning

  • - Access to negotiated pricing on medical supplies through preferred vendors

  • - Complete software package to manage your operations: Online Enrollment, Lead Tracking, Competition Database, HIPAA Compliant Software, Online Ordering and analytical tools.

  • - Additional programs and support

  • - Award-winning Research & Development Team

  • - National, regional, and local marketing programs

  • - Award-winning Graphic Design Team – Graphic Design USA, American Inhouse Design Award (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014)

  • - In-House, Google certified Internet Marketing Team offers pay-per-click (PPC) services and more

  • - In-House Email Marketing Campaigns

  • - Online re marketing and display advertising

  • - Social Media Advertising (Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.)

  • - Public relations, promotions, and social media support

  • - Customizable print, TV, radio, and outdoor advertisements

Rhandi EmanouilThe Corporate Marketing Department serves as a resource for all Franchisees, providing the ads, marketing materials, and Brand exposure that Franchisees need to successfully market their location and increase their patient base.

Our System Branding Initiatives Include:

  • National and Regional advertising
  • Print Ads
  • Test markets
  • Video production
  • TV Ad Production
  • Radio Ad Creation
  • Digital & Online Marketing
    • Commercials and web videos
    • Welcome Room Loop
  • Co-op and media buying support
  • Public relations support
  • Promotion development
  • Social media program
  • MediLiving (patient magazine)

Medi-Weightloss® was invited to present at the World Obesity Conference in March 2014!

Macklin GuzmanObesity and its associated comorbidities are a public health problem of unprecedented proportions in this country. Our Clinical Outcomes Research examines the link between weight loss and weekly visits, midweek injections, prescription appetite suppressants, protein shakes and bars, and other Medi-Weightloss® services. Additionally, it examines the factors that increase retention rates and the composition of patient’s lost weight.

Among the findings:

  • - Patients with diabetes and those at risk for developing diabetes can improve their health! There were significant improvements in our patients’ HgA1c levels after weight loss.

  • - Accountability and social support results in greater weight loss. Cohabitating patients (spouse, significant other) who joined the program lost more weight (24%) and stayed in the program longer (26%) than patients who joined the program alone.

  • - Patients lose more weight when maintaining weekly visits. Patients who maintained regular visits lost a greater percentage of body weight and stayed in the program longer than patients who had more sporadic visits.

  • - There is a positive association between fat loss and length of stay in the Medi-Weightloss® Program. The longer you stay with us the more fat you lose! Our program calls for regular body composition analyses, an important aspect of medical weight management.

News: Medi-Weightloss®  Wins Early Career Investigator Award from Coca-Cola

Approved for expedited SBA Loan Processing.